STOP The Network Marketing Merry-Go-Round And FINALLY Build A Team That Lasts

What if you could get a plan to help you achieve your that rank you’ve written down on your vision board 10000 times?

Pay attention NOW because the next 90 days are going to change your life!

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Rank Runners is designed to accelerate your network marketing business and personal growth ⤴️ mastering time, 💸 sales, and leadership.

This isn’t about running for 90 days and then falling off the wagon again! 🤦🏻‍♀️

You’ll learn my disciplined routine that leads to sales daily and duplication in my team!

So often we are distracted and get lost in scrolling then you scramble to get a post up and try to remember to follow up with leads…

Then the end of the month comes and you are following up with the same people who don’t want to buy again!

Have you ever felt like your network marketing team is:

Always in your inbox (when they could be in someone else’s)

Watching all of the trainings and still getting confused on what to implement.

Lacking BELIEF in themselves and their ability to recruit, and show someone next steps.

What happens when you mix strategy with clear focus?

In Rank Runners we will:

  • Identify the real cause of why you're in "stall" mode - it's usually a lack of strategy, daily focus and consistency.
  • ​Work on building a solid sales flow of customers and biz partners

Your business will become unrecognizable and you are cheering to the family and friends that told ya you couldn’t do it 

(I mean celebrating with your bestie!)

Here is what is going down over the next 90 days inside Rank Runners:
Value: $497
  • Organize a list of 251 names we will prospect FAST.
  • ​Teach how to build a personalized, foolproof DMO that fits THEIR LIFE/BIZ non-negotiables
  • ​Organize high volume tracking system to keep follow up organized
Value: $297
  • Learn intentionality of ENERGY, and identifying exactly where (and on WHO) we are spending it.
  • ​Programming our minds (and words spoken) to eliminate barriers FASTER.
  • ​Building unwavering belief and unshakable doubt from the inside out before prospecting.
Value: $297
  • Personal audits on your Facebook profile to turn friends into customers
  • ​Learning steps to brand YOURSELF as the product, not the company or opportunity
  • ​Mastering Facebook and Live Video strategy to get customers
Value: $297
  • How to attract more influencers and leaders into your NWM business
  • ​How great leaders OUTWIT, OUTBRAND, and OUTPRODUCE. Learn to do the same.
  • ​TOP LIST of what great leaders avoid in efforts to get them succeeding FASTER
Value: $497
  • Navigation of successful sales cycles through to close, proven systematic approach
  • ​Mastering prospecting, ATM and simple methods to onboard teammates quickly
  • ​-Closing techniques, verbiage, mastering posture, transfer of certainty over to prospects
  • ​Selling your teammates on WHY they should keep chipping away, assisting with vision casting
  • ​***Final session- MASTERING RELENTLESS INTENT behind your cause***
Value: $997
Interviews with top recruiters from network marketing companies
  • 2 guest trainers that have walked the walk and built multi-million dollar businesses
  • ​Missed a class? No Worries! You’ll have 3 weeks of access to replays AFTER the course concludes to tie up ANY loose ends, further develop mastery of key practices, and reinforce your daily business operations!
(Total Value: $2,997++)
Todays Price:

Hey Friends!

I'm Jenn Cooper

Momma to 4 little Coopers and a former huge FLOP early into my Sales career. 

Beginning in Medical Sales, I had a deep desire to serve the medical community with my products, but somehow forgot to be a HUMAN during the process! 

Alienating a large portion of my targets, feeling defeated, being placed on performance plans, I wondered if high end sales were truly for me? I then honed in on some selling strategies, put them to the test, and 10x’d my efforts. 

I became a top performer in 6 months, both regionally & nationally in Medical Sales, and when I left the profession to stay home with my premature twin babies, I transferred MANY of these skills over to my NEW sector of Network Marketing. 

I built to 6-figures in 3 years, and upskilled myself with some of the industry greats! This led me to my second company starting over at $0, and I built to 6-figures in 8 months. As a TEAM, we blew past 1M in sales in 11 months, and average 30+ advancements monthly. 

I now train Online Sales professionals all over the industry, and consistently draw out people’s greatness, and comfort level to SLAY selling online!

I’ve gone from bottom of the pack, to the top and know what it’s like to feel very defeated and lacking sales skills!

(Total Value: $2,997++)
Todays Price:
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Shanyn Hughes, Leader in Last 90 Day Run:

This is the 90 Day Plan to Your Next BIG Win and as a Rank Runner!

Every time I have ran this program no one wants it to end! here are some cool results!

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